A quick look at the 7 most useful new features coming to Instagram in 2024


Instagram, as one of the leading social media platforms overseas, has always placed great emphasis on updating its features. From initially only allowing posts, it has now expanded to include Stories and videos. In the past year, Instagram has developed a series of new features, which can be beneficial for both individual users sharing daily life with friends and businesses looking for new ways to attract audiences. Understanding these latest features can help us make better use of Instagram.


Broadcast Channels / Social Sections

IG has created special areas for content creators with significant followings, where they can send messages to followers within these sections, similar to the broadcast channel feature on Telegram. IG plans to gradually make this feature available to all users, making it an excellent channel for private domain operations.

On some IG content creators' homepages, if a speech bubble icon appears next to a link, it's likely a new link to a broadcast channel or social section.

Refer here for a tutorial on creating one.


Differences between Broadcast Channels and Social Sections

Broadcast Channel Social Section
Who can send messages Creator/Collaborators
Who can join Creator's followers only
What can other members do Read messages, Respond with emojis, Participate in polls
Number of members Unlimited
Can content be shared to Stories No


Directly Share Comments to Stories

Sometimes, when browsing posts, you might find some standout comments you want to share, but the process of screenshotting and posting can be cumbersome. Now, IG's new feature allows direct sharing of post comments to Stories, streamlining the process.

For iOS users, simply swipe left on a comment in the post or Reels and tap the ‘+’ button to share directly to Stories.

Android users can long-press a comment and then tap the same ‘+’ button to share the comment to Stories.


Scheduled Post Publishing

Instagram's scheduled posting feature allows users to edit posts in advance, manage social media content more efficiently, and ensure posting during peak audience activity times for increased exposure and interaction. This feature also eases the pressure on users who manage multiple channels by maintaining consistency in posting.


Naming Links in Bio

Many brands add links in their bio section. Previously, IG only displayed the URL, and one had to click to know the content of the link. With the update, we can now add names to these links, which helps increase click-through rates as users are more likely to click on links with a clear source. Personalized link names can also strengthen brand messaging and align the link with the brand's overall image.


IG Sticky Note Feature

Instagram has launched an official test feature called "Sticky Notes," similar to Stories, visible only for 24 hours. This content appears at the top of the "Messages" page. The feature is akin to LINE's status messages and can be used to record moods or brief thoughts. Other users can directly reply to your "Sticky Note" messages. When posting a Sticky Note, you can choose to share the content with IG close friends or users you have chatted with.


GIF Replies to Posts

Using GIFs to comment on posts can bring a more engaging social experience for brand operations, as dynamic images attract more attention than plain text. Brands can create custom GIFs to showcase product features, allowing users to get a more intuitive feel. Appropriate GIFs can also be used to quickly respond to user comments, enhancing interaction between the brand and consumers.

For an overwhelming number of comments, setting up auto-replies can be an efficient solution.


Reels Adds "Replay Count" Data

Instagram is refining its analytics backend to help users understand their Reels more deeply, introducing a new metric: "replay count," and redefining the play count for Reels. Now, Reels' play count includes not just the initial play but also the user's repeat views.

Instagram also plans to roll out new features in the coming months, allowing creators to monitor the audience retention of their Reels in real-time through an interactive retention graph.

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