Selling courses on WhatsApp private domain: New business opportunities in the era of paid knowledge

Author: Sicily Choi

As the concept of knowledge payment becomes more popular, more and more educational institutions are beginning to seize this important market. As an emerging marketing model in the education and training industry, private domain course selling allows teachers to establish direct connections with students, bypassing traditional advertising and third-party platforms to promote and sell courses in a private environment. WhatsApp, as the current main channel for overseas private domain operations , has become a powerful tool for private domain operations in the education and training industry with its broad user base and convenient communication functions.


What is private course selling?

Private course selling refers to educational content creators selling courses and services directly to target learners on platforms they control.

To put it simply, you are a teacher and you have some great courses that you want to sell to students. If you follow the traditional way, you might put the course on a large online platform and rely on the website's traffic to attract students to buy it. But on this large platform, your course is just a drop in the ocean and can easily be drowned by thousands of other courses.

Selling courses in private domains is like opening a small store of your own. You can directly invite people to come to your store to buy your courses. This allows you to communicate more directly with people who are interested in your courses, and it is easier for them to become your loyal customers.


Selling courses in private domains includes the following steps:

1. Make connections: Find people on social media who are interested in your course and invite them to join your WhatsApp group or friends list.

2. Share useful information: You can share some free knowledge or small courses in private groups to attract others' interest and make them willing to pay for the complete course.

3. Promote courses: You can regularly update the group about your new courses or offer special discounts to encourage them to buy.

4. Interact with students: Chat and interact with your students more often and answer their questions. This will make them feel that you care about their learning progress and can also help you improve your course.

5. Understand students: By observing and understanding your students' activities in the group, you will know what they like and dislike so that you can better meet their needs.


How to operate private domain in the education and training industry

The core gameplay of private domain operation in the education and training industry is the " conversion funnel ", which uses private domain operation to gradually screen out students with conversion potential and further sell to these students. After these students pay, the institution can perform the following operations in the group to consolidate the source of students:

  • Student management: Educational institutions can collect student information through private domain platforms and provide them with personalized learning advice and support.
  • Course updates: Through private channels, institutions can push the latest course information and learning materials to students in a timely manner.
  • Real-time interaction: Teachers can respond to students’ questions and provide guidance instantly on the private platform.
  • Learning community: Private domain platforms can establish exclusive learning communities where students can communicate and discuss.


If an educational institution can meet these needs of students through private domain operations, then students will have a higher degree of dependence and satisfaction with the institution, and will be more likely to recommend it to their friends. By providing better services and a better learning experience, students can be attracted and retained.


WhatsApp’s unique role in private domain operations in the education and training industry

Global popularity: WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide, providing educational institutions with a vast potential student market.

User activity: As a platform with a large number of active users, WhatsApp can ensure high exposure and interaction rates for educational content.

Privacy and Security: WhatsApp’s end-to-end encrypted communications provide students with a safe environment for learning and discussion.

The interface is simple and easy to use: WhatsApp's user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, and users of all ages and technical backgrounds can quickly get started.


Five skills and strategies for selling courses in private domains overseas

Establish a professional WhatsApp teaching and training group

Create a WhatsApp group specifically for teaching purposes, making sure the name and description of the group clearly communicates the topic and objectives of the course.

In the group, you can regularly post course schedules, study materials and homework assignments. Students are prohibited from chatting in the group! Make sure this group is used to serve daily teaching.


Leveraging WhatsApp Status for Content Marketing

You can use WhatsApp’s status update feature to share valuable content snippets, such as course previews, study tips, or student progress examples. This is also a low-cost content marketing tool that can increase the visibility and engagement of your course.


One-to-one customized consulting service via WhatsApp

Provide personalized consulting services and give one-on-one guidance based on students' specific needs and problems. One-on-one guidance not only improves student satisfaction, but also helps to establish a solid teacher-student relationship.


Use WhatsApp to effectively track students and collect feedback

Send regular surveys to students or ask them directly about their learning experience and course improvement suggestions. This information is crucial for continuous improvement of the course. Using the immediacy of WhatsApp, you can quickly get feedback and make adjustments accordingly.


Combine WhatsApp with other marketing tools to increase conversion rates

In actual operation, we need to manage multiple WhatsApp teaching and training groups. At this time, we can use the SaleSmartly platform to implement a one-click group sending function , and push the promotion information of new courses to all teaching and training groups at one time without manual operation one by one. This function of SaleSmartly not only saves a lot of time and energy, but also ensures the consistency and professionalism of information, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of promotion activities.

SaleSmartly can also centrally manage student interactions from different channels, allowing you to manage information from multiple channels on a unified page , respond to student questions more conveniently, and provide personalized teaching and training services.


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