How to set up the Chinese version of Telegram and complete the Chinese version of Telegram

Author: Sicily Choi

Telegram has always been the preferred platform for many cross-border sellers to communicate with each other for its excellent privacy protection, but its interface is in English by default, which may pose a certain barrier to use for Chinese sellers. Due to language barriers, Chinese sellers may encounter difficulties in understanding during use, which not only affects their comprehensive grasp of the various functions of the software, but also easily affects their operating experience. Therefore, in order to improve the user experience of Chinese users, the Chinese localization of Telegram is particularly important.


Necessity of setting up Telegram Chinese version

Language convenience

The Chinese version of Telegram allows Chinese cross-border sellers to operate in their native language without having to search for functions in the English interface, which improves the convenience and accuracy of operations.

Increase work efficiency

The interface language and function descriptions are all in Chinese, which allows cross-border sellers to become familiar with and master various functions more quickly and save learning time.

Reduce communication costs

The Chinese interface helps reduce communication costs caused by language misunderstandings, especially when dealing with customer inquiries and after-sales services, and can respond more accurately.


Note: Telegram 's Chinese interface is implemented by installing an additional language pack, rather than replacing the entire system or software version. Therefore, this process will not cause changes in the application's functionality, nor will it directly affect your ability to develop customers in other regions. In short, the Chinese language pack only changes the display language of the user interface, allowing Chinese users to use Telegram in a more familiar language environment, while the application's own functions and performance remain unchanged.


Telegram Chinese version settings (PC version)

1. Log in to Telegram on PC


2. Select the Chinese language pack

According to your needs, you can click the following link to select the corresponding Chinese language version:

3. Confirm language pack application

After clicking the link, the browser will prompt you whether to open the Telegram Desktop client. Please click " Open Telegram Desktop " and your computer will automatically switch to the Telegram software.


4. Apply Chinese language pack

In the Telegram software, a window will pop up showing the details of the Chinese language pack you selected, including the completion of the translation. Please check that the information is correct and click the " Apply Language" button.

5. Complete language switching

After applying the language pack, the Telegram client will immediately switch to the Chinese interface. You can confirm whether it has been successfully switched to the Chinese version by the text display on the interface.



Telegram Chinese version settings (mobile version)

1. Log in to Telegram

Open the Telegram app on your phone and log in to your account.


2. Select and apply the Chinese language pack

You can select and apply the Chinese language pack in one of two ways:


Operation in Telegram: Copy and paste the following Chinese language package link that suits your needs into Telegram's "Saved Messages" and click the link:


Operation in the browser: Copy one of the above links into the address bar of the mobile phone's browser, then click the "SET LANGUAGE" button on the page.


3. Confirm language pack application

After clicking the link, a pop-up window will appear in the Telegram APP showing the translation progress and related information of the Chinese language pack. After confirming that everything is correct, select "Change" to apply the new language settings.


Telegram operation skills

When domestic cross-border e-commerce sellers conduct business operations on Telegram, they often use multiple accounts to carry out group promotion and management activities. Although this approach can help them effectively promote in different groups, frequent account switching may affect the stability of the account and make it easy to miss important information. In order to solve the problem of multi-account social media operation, SaleSmartly omni-channel chat software provides an integrated solution:


Centralized management : SaleSmartly provides an integrated management platform that allows sellers to easily monitor and manage information from multiple Telegram accounts on a single interface. In addition to basic message sending and receiving, it can also integrate customer information from each account to achieve centralized data analysis and processing.

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