New Year marketing promotion strategy and customer acquisition methods

For businesses, the Chinese New Year is not only a time to celebrate and share joy, but also a golden marketing opportunity, a great time to increase brand awareness and sales through well-planned holiday promotions. By cleverly combining products and services with the festive atmosphere, businesses can create a unique shopping experience that attracts customers' attention and desire to buy.

However, if you want to stand out from the crowd of marketing activities, relying solely on traditional promotion strategies and customer acquisition methods is no longer enough to meet the needs of modern consumers. This requires companies to design more influential holiday creative marketing activities.


An efficient way to attract customers during the Spring Festival


1. Social Media Interaction

Social media is an indispensable tool for modern marketing, especially during the holidays, when many social media platforms will hold some Spring Festival activities, such as WhatsApp , Facebook , Instagram and WeChat . Because they are the platform's own holiday activities, they usually bring a certain amount of platform traffic. Companies can bring these topics when posting, which is conducive to the promotion and exposure of posts, thereby attracting more new customers and increasing the platform's popularity. In addition, targeted social media advertising can also effectively attract the attention of potential customers.


2. Affiliate Marketing and Cross-border Cooperation

Affiliate marketing and cross-border cooperation with other brands or businesses can leverage each other to enhance influence. For example, cooperating with popular influencers and KOLs to promote products is an effective way to expand new customer groups.


3. Special Chinese New Year promotion

The Chinese New Year is a peak shopping season, so it is also a good time to hold promotional activities. You can set up special Chinese New Year discounts, free packages, etc. to attract customers to spend. When holding activities, it is best to set some special deadlines to increase customers' sense of urgency.


4. Decorations with Chinese New Year cultural elements

Traditional cultural elements of the Spring Festival, such as red envelopes, spring couplets, lanterns and fireworks, are all symbols that are deeply loved by people. Companies can attract customers by incorporating these elements into product design, packaging or marketing activities. For example, they can launch special edition Spring Festival products or work hard on store decoration to create a strong festive atmosphere.



How to promote Spring Festival promotion activities


1. Use group messaging to push activity information


Through group messaging, companies can quickly communicate promotions and special offers to a large number of customers, thereby effectively increasing event participation and brand exposure. When organizing the content of the message, the text should be refined and concise to ensure that users can grasp the key points at the first time and avoid lengthy texts that make customers lose interest. The timing of group messaging is also crucial. You can choose to send messages when customers are most active to increase open rates and interaction rates. Open SaleSmartly and select [Group Sending Plan] to send to WhatsApp API, Email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp App, Telegram, Instagram, Chat Plugin and Line with one click.

After sending mass messages, companies can also monitor relevant indicators such as open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate in the SaleSmartly system to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and optimize future mass messaging strategies based on data feedback.



2. Mark contact information on multiple channels


Social media has always been an important channel for companies to interact with customers. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Spring Festival marketing campaign, it is best for companies to mark contact information on multiple social media platforms so that customers can easily get in touch with the company. If necessary, you can also go further and add a link to a contact form in the "About" or "Contact Information" section of the social media, so that customers can submit information directly on the social platform.


3. Integrate social media platform conversation information


After publishing the promotional information of the Spring Festival activities on multiple social media platforms, you need to consider how to integrate customer inquiries from multiple channels. Multiple social media channels mean that the information is not centralized. When replying, you need to switch between multiple platforms or even multiple accounts, which can easily lead to customer loss due to efficiency issues. Therefore, you can choose to integrate all these social media accounts into SaleSmartly , which is an omni-channel aggregation chat software. The above-mentioned overseas social media and WeChat can be aggregated in it to achieve true information centralization.

Information aggregation is also helpful in measuring the effectiveness of strategies on various platforms. Companies can regularly analyze conversation data on various social media platforms. Moreover, by analyzing the number and content of conversations, companies can gain a deeper understanding of the preferences of users on different platforms and continuously optimize their content marketing strategies on social media.



4. Provide personalized services


After launching the Spring Festival holiday marketing campaign, in order to maintain contact with customers and improve customer satisfaction, companies should focus on providing personalized services. Setting tags and reviewing conversation records are two classic ways to achieve personalized services.

Setting tags allows companies to classify customers based on their purchase history, preferences, behavioral habits, and other information. This not only helps companies accurately locate customers in subsequent marketing activities, but also provides more targeted content when sending promotional information, thereby improving marketing conversion rates. The second step is to review the conversation records. By analyzing the customer's historical information, you can better understand the specific needs and problems of each customer and reduce communication costs.


5. Automated Marketing


Automated marketing means automating routine marketing tasks through software to achieve accurate and efficient marketing. When facing the New Year promotion activities, you may encounter many customers asking the same questions. Automated marketing can reduce the waste of human resources and respond to customer questions in a timely manner.

You can set up automated marketing directly in SaleSmartly , select the channel and set the corresponding automated triggers, conditions and actions according to your needs.


With automation tools, companies can set trigger conditions based on customer behavior and preferences to automatically send customized marketing information. For example, when a customer browses a specific product page but does not make a purchase, the system can automatically send promotional information or coupons containing the product, which helps to complete the transaction. For customers who have already purchased, the automation system can also recommend related products based on their purchase history to increase repurchase rates.



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