Tips for creating a new WhatsApp account: A complete analysis of the account maintenance strategy

For new users, effectively creating a new WhatsApp account can help the account build credibility and avoid being considered a spam account and blocked by the authorities . Creating an account is not only to ensure the security of the account, but also to ensure its reliability in personal and business communications, so that it will not be easily blocked by the authorities. In this article, we will help your new WhatsApp account grow healthily from scratch, so that WhatsApp officials will classify it as a daily, mature account.


Preparation before launching a new WhatsApp account

1. Choose a reliable mobile phone number

Real-name mobile phone number: The first step to registering WhatsApp is to choose a real-name mobile phone number that is linked to your identity. This can ensure the authenticity of the account created and also provide additional security during the future verification process.

long-term use: Choose a mobile phone number that you will use for a long time to avoid account loss or the need for re-verification due to changing numbers.


2. Basic account settings

Register an account: Follow WhatsApp's official instructions to complete the registration process and ensure that all information is filled in accurately to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

If you can't receive the verification code, you can read this article .

Personal information completion: Upload a clear profile picture and fill in a brief bio. If it is for commercial purposes, you can directly use the company or brand logo.


3. Security and Privacy Settings

Two-step verification: Enable the two-step verification feature in the settings to add an extra layer of protection to your account, which can effectively prevent unauthorized access.

Privacy Adjustment: Adjust who can see your "last online" time, personal status and profile picture according to your personal preferences. This setting can help you protect your privacy and avoid leaking too much personal information.


Keep new WhatsApp accounts active

1. Gradually increase contacts

Sync contacts: You can directly use WhatsApp's sync function to import the existing contact information on your phone . This way you can quickly add your friends and family around you and build an initial address book.

Add selectively: Add new contacts gradually. Be careful to avoid adding a large number of contacts at once, as this behavior can easily trigger WhatsApp's security alert and lead to your account being banned.


2. Daily communication

Stay connected: Maintain regular communication with your contacts by sending greetings, sharing interesting content, or actively responding to their messages to maintain relationships. This behavior can also maintain the daily activity of your account.

Participation in group chats: Participate in group chats moderately to show your face and meet more people who share the same interests, but avoid speaking excessively or sending irrelevant content.


3. Content sharing and interaction

Valuable content: Share content that is useful or interesting to your contacts, which can increase their willingness to interact with you.

Status function: Use WhatsApp's status function more often and update your status regularly. This is another good way to stay active.


Avoid WhatsApp account risks

1. Use groups and broadcast lists appropriately

Be cautious when joining groups: Do not join and leave groups frequently, as this will be considered spam by the official.

Use of broadcast lists: Information published through broadcast lists will directly arrive in the recipient's "conversation list", and the recipient will not find that you sent it through the broadcast function, which is the same as when we use the group messaging function in WeChat.


2. Avoid spam and harassment

Don’t spam: Avoid sending irrelevant or repetitive messages, which not only annoys your contacts but can also cause your account to be marked as spam.

Respect Privacy: Respect your contacts' privacy by not adding them to groups or sharing their contact information without their permission.


3. Dealing with account anomalies

Monitor account activity: Regularly check login activity on your WhatsApp account to ensure there is no unauthorized use. If you find any anomalies, take immediate action.

Handling account restrictions: If your account is blocked, you can follow WhatsApp's guidelines to appeal and adjust your usage behavior to avoid future problems.



Further improve WhatsApp account maintenance

1. Set up automatic replies

Setting up WhatsApp auto-replies through SaleSmartly can effectively increase the account's response rate and activity, which is particularly important for account maintenance. Automatic replies ensure that users can get timely feedback when sending messages, and can reply to customers in a timely manner even during non-working hours or peak hours. This quick response not only improves the user experience, but is also a positive signal for the WhatsApp algorithm, helping to increase the visibility and weight of the account.

Moreover, the content of the automatic reply can be customized according to the user's interaction history, and the content of the automatic reply can be improved according to the user's frequently asked questions, further enhancing the user's sense of participation and satisfaction. It accumulates positive user behavior data for the account, which is crucial for long-term account maintenance and growth.


2. Data backup and recovery

Regularly backing up WhatsApp chat history is also one of the strategies for maintaining an account. After saving the conversation history, you can quickly restore all conversations in the event of device replacement or data loss. This continuity not only ensures the security of information, but also helps to maintain the active status of the account, providing a guarantee for the stable growth and long-term maintenance of the account.

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