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Social Media

Chat Widget

By adding SaleSmartly Live Chat Widget to your website, you build a strong connection with your visitors, turn them into loyal customers, increase their satisfaction and your sales.

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Customize live chat to match your brand

Design the style of the widget according to the brand tone to match the brand image. Support setting up informational surveys so you won't miss any leads. Advanced extensions meet more of your business needs and are more user-friendly. Set up a full range of widgets to increase the interactivity and attractiveness of your website.

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Understand who is browsing your website and contact them

View the visitor's web browsing track, understand the source of the visitor's channel, visited which product pages, so that you know in advance the intention of the visitor's consultation and targeted response.

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Live chat and answer questions to increase sales

Set up FAQ to provide answers to frequently asked questions to help customers quickly understand the product or service, saving customer service staff time and improving user satisfaction.

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AI automated replies to improve support efficiency

Use AI chatbot 7*24 hour autoresponders to answer customers' questions quickly and accurately through automation, improving the efficiency and quality of customer service.

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Monitor results and adjust strategies

Multi-dimensional data gives you an overview of online customer service quality and monitors the quality of your work. Omni-channel customer data analysis, new and old customers can be recognized at a glance.