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Get more sales and save more time with WhatsApp by boosting your WhatsApp customer service, sales and marketing with just one platform.

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Team collaboration and sharing saves more time

If you need to use multiple WhatsApp accounts at the same time, or share the same account with others, you can use account integration to enable coordinated management of WhatsApp or multi-number operations.

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Create a private domain traffic pool

Attach your WhatsApp chat diversion link to your social media account, guide customers to initiate chat, collect data from public domain traffic, convert it into your private domain traffic, and perform batch group operation management in private domain traffic to achieve transaction, re-purchase and re-introduction.

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Customer information security protection

You can control the rights of individual user roles to restrict access to specific data, sensitive information and functions, and support one-click customer information protection to protect important customer information.

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Easily build any automatic reply using our drag-and-drop interface

Use customer data to build relevant message streams and send customized marketing and service messages based on customer attributes, preferences, history and more to increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates.