Choose your 24/7 customer service
advisor package

Be a flexible and smart salesperson


Meet your basic personal chat needs

$0 /month
  • Live Chat
  • Real-time translation
  • 1 channel account
  • 1,000 session credits
  • 500 automation triggers
  • 10 knowledge bases
  • 30 days chat logs
  • 1,000 translated characters
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Suitable for growing/
professional customer service teams

$9 /month
  • Live Chat
  • Real-time translation
  • 1 channel accounts
  • Infinite session credit
  • Infinite number of automation triggers
  • Infinite AI answer count
  • Infinite Knowledgebase
  • Infinite Chat
  • 10,000 translated characters
  • All features and benefits
  • Participate in the expansion pack offer
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Use extension packages to meet your business needs

Use extension packages to
meet your business needs

Membership Expansion
Chat channels
Number of characters translated
Marketing Emails

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$0 /month


$9 /month

Basic Function

Live Chat

Visitor Track

Session Quota


Customer blacklist

Contact Management

Contact Export

Session Management

Session Record Query

30 days

Session Log Export

Quality Inspection Score

Bot/Smart Reply

Automated Process Triggers

500 times

Knowledge Base/Common Phrases

10 articles

AI reply

Data Analysis

Data Overview

Quality Analysis

Channel Analysis


Real-time Translation

1K characters
1W characters


Remove brand logo


Customized preview page

Edit Role Permissions

Expansion Seat

Expand Channels

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the basic version free forever?

Yes, the basic version can use all features, if you need to expand the number, you need to upgrade the package.

Can I change the package at any time?

Yes, you can lift and lower your package plan at any time, no matter what plan you are currently on.

Is the plan a one-time fee?

Yes, the package plan is a one-time payment only and does not incur any additional fees.

Can the chat plugin be added to more than one site?

Yes, you can add the chat plugin to as many sites as you need.