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Facebook Messenger Best Customer Service Tool

Consolidate all your social media messages into one backend. Multi-homepage bulk connections through our Facebook integration, automatically assigned to the appropriate customer service member.


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reduction in labor costs


increase in customer satisfaction


increase in conversion rate

Enhancing Support for Faster and Better Assistance

Enhance your social customer service

When you connect Facebook Messenger to SaleSmartly, you'll start receiving all your Facebook messages in one background. No more logging into Facebook Messenger or worrying about social media messages slipping through the cracks. This helps you stay on top of every inquiry and provide better customer service.

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Encourage customer engagement and enhance your public image

With SaleSmartly's Facebook multi-account integration, you can view and respond to comments on different posts in real-time. If there are any complaints and bad reviews on your Facebook page, automated review control can assist you in understanding and addressing the reviews, and you can also hide or remove bad reviews based on the reviews, working to address the negative issues while protecting your public image.

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Stop sharing your Facebook login information with employees

Our Facebook integration reduces the complexity of granting multiple users access to your Facebook business page. Simply set up your customer service or sales team members as users in SaleSmartly and they can view and reply to Facebook Messenger messages. No more sharing login information or giving multiple people administrator access to your Facebook page.

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Encouraging better teamwork

Our unified back office makes it easier for your customer service or sales team to work together efficiently. Automated assignments, session labeling features help remote colleagues resolve customer inquiries faster.

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Seizing Every Sales Opportunity with Our Product

1-on-1 Hands-on Guidance

Our technical experts provide 1-on-1 product operation demonstrations to guide you and your team to quickly master and use SaleSmartly.

7 Days, 14 Hours Technical Support

Offering 7 days, 14 hours of technical support to ensure timely and effective solutions for any technical issues you may encounter at any time.

Online Help Center

Comprehensive documentation in the Help Center to assist you in quickly understanding and mastering SaleSmartly, swiftly resolving operational issues.

What Our Customers Say
Discover how our customers have achieved success with SaleSmartly's exceptional solutions and hear their voices as they share their stories.
  • SaleSmartly is the best chat tool we have ever used! It's easy to use, integrating the code into the site is very easy, and most importantly the automation templates are a great fit for our business and have increased sales by 40%!
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    Emily Smith
    Customer Relationship Manager
  • SaleSmartly notifies me in real time when a customer has a new message, and also supports real-time translation so that we can communicate in real time and without barriers, no matter what language the customer message is, to avoid losing customers.
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    Sarah Johnson
    Product Manager
  • For fast-growing organizations, SaleSmartly grows with you. The price is very affordable compared to other similar software, and you can start the plan for free and subsequently change it according to your team's needs. In the end, I hope it's the best choice for you!
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    David Williams
    E-commerce Customer Service
  • SaleSmartly has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up projects faster.
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    Amy Turner
    Chief Customer Officer