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WhatsApp Business API

Automate marketing, sales, service, and support with the WhatsApp Business API platform to personalize communication and sell more.

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Personalized marketing

Use tags to group customers in the WhatsApp database and customize the corresponding WhatsApp promotional messages according to different groups of users, so that customers can learn about the campaign in the form of personalized messages.

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Customize sending templates

Customize personalized templates with support for adding hyperlinks and quick reply buttons so you can send messages more easily. Templates only take 1-5 minutes to pass the review, allowing you to quickly put them into business use.

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WhatsApp Chat button

You can customize the reply content and add buttons according to the needs of customers, and make your service more flexible and efficient through the WhatsApp automatic reply function. With one click, you can start interacting with customers around the world.

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Multi-person teamwork

Dynamically adjust the number of sessions that each customer can receive based on the customer service level and workload to improve customer service efficiency and satisfaction.

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Archive chat session content

Real-time monitoring, preservation and analysis of employee and customer communications for supervisors to conduct quality checks, risk control and service improvement.