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Join SaleSmartly

Sign up and log in to your SaleSmartly account.

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Share the invitation code or invitation link

Copy your invitation code/invitation link and share it to community or social media.

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Earn rewards in return!

Once your invited friends subscribe, you'll receive rewards.

Refer A Friend and Earn Rewards

Invite uncapped rebates without capping

10%x24 Months Subscription Rebate

Why should I join the SaleSmartly Invitation Rewards Program?

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You will receive the most generous cash rewards

For every new subscription invited to SaleSmartly, you will receive 10% of their monthly rebate for 24 consecutive months, earning up to 240% on a single subscription!

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Every time you share, you will be rewarded

Track the number of new invitees and their earnings in real time, all you have to do is sign up in SaleSmartly and send the invite code and link to your friends!

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You will become a part of SaleSmartly

We want to reward everyone who participates in the development of SaleSmartly and creates their own referral program, and we will support you with a dedicated consultant.

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You are creating your own network of relationships

SaleSmartly is committed to building a better network of cross-border e-commerce marketing service relationships, engaging and integrating resources together for maximum aggregation.

Accumulated $210,000 promotion commission last year

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